Project STAR - aging without limits / funded by the EFRD




Cross-border comparative study, January 2017: Cross-border comparative study



Official gazette of Hrpelje-Kozina Municipality, November 2016, p. 3:  Official gazette – November 2016

Novi list, 18.11.2016: Financial means from EU social fund: Press release

Novi list, 19.11.2016: Interreg cooperation: Interreg cooperation

Official gazette of Hrpelje-Kozina Municipality, December 2016, str. 4:  Official gazette – December 2016

Primorske novice, 23.11.2016, p. 9.: Article_Primorske novice_23112016



Website of PGŽ, 14.3.2016 – Approaching social services to users:

Website of PGŽ, 17.10.2016 – Press release: financing teaching assistant, social projects and Invest forum:

Website of PGŽ, 18.10.2016 – Signing up the Contract for co-financing projects within the cooperation program Interreg V-A Slovenia- Croatia:

Website of OHK, 25.10.2016 – Project STAR: Daily center for the elderly:

Website of ODU Koper, November 2016 – Development of the new types and expansion of the existing models and programs of deinstitutionalization of long-term care for the elderly in the cross-border area – Project Old age with no limits: STAR:

Website of Nursing home Kantrida Rijeka, November 2016 – Project STAR – Old age with no limits:

Website of OHK, 6.12.2016 – Introductory meeting and first press conference about the “Project STAR- daily center for the elderly” (Interreg SLO-CRO):


TV articles:

Article in Primorska kronika, 24.11.2016:

Article in Primorska kronika, 8. 8. 2017: