Project STAR - aging without limits / funded by the EFRD

Coastal nursing home Koper – Casa costiera del pensionato Capodistria



Coastal nursing home Koper – Casa costiera del pensionato Capodistria (hereinafter: Nursing home) was built in 1980. Its main mission is to realize the activities involved in taking care of the elderly, bearing in mind the needs and the expectations of those who were entrusted to us and who ask for our services. In accordance with the main mission of our nursing home, we want to realize our basic values which make up the culture of the nursing home, related to the work for our users and their relatives, equal opportunities to access our services, quality services, equal opportunities to participate, prevention and reduction of social exclusion of the elderly, pluralization of performers and of the program. Our business policy is determined by concrete objectives derived from the mission and the vision of the nursing home and, above all, it includes provision of services according to our users’ needs, desires and expectations, as well as provision of quality organization, professional development and growth of our employees.

The nursing home offers accommodation, social care, health protection, physiotherapy and work therapy for its 179 users accommodated in single and double rooms. There is also a verified protected department, intended for 12 persons suffering from dementia.

We are also present in the local area, as we believe this way of work is extremely important, primarily for the elderly. Special attention is given to those who still live in domestic surrounding and use different types of assistance aiming to preserve the possibility of life at home, their independence and sovereignty. Thus, for a number of years we have been delivering their lunch, we provide the service of laundry washing and ironing, the service of home assistance, long distance protection, follow-up and we make errands for them, while simultaneously offering the social care in appropriate institutions. Opening a daily center for those suffering from dementia is scheduled for this year.

We actively cooperate with kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and different educational institutions. We have become an educational basis of the Faculty of health sciences Izola for clinical exercises of healthcare and rehabilitation, Medical faculty of Ljubljana for students oriented towards work therapy, Secondary school of Izola for professional education of students of healthcare. Along with this, we help National university of Koper in terms of professional education of social caretakers at home.

We encourage our users to actively participate in creation of their life in our nursing home and we daily engage them in different activities as we would like them to have a more productive and a quality life. We try to listen to the individual needs of our users and to meet their requirements and proposals. Within the work therapy framework, we offer various shows, workshops and activities during the whole year.


Role in the project

Founding the daily center in Hrpelje – Kozina Municipality and introduction of a long-distance protection: a pilot program to create a properly equipped daily center for 10-15 elderly people in our municipality. Here, different activities are to take place in accordance with the new working concept and in line with the clubs successfully operating in the Nursing home Kantrida. The activities will be user-directed, focusing on their desires and needs, comprising several levels, from sustaining and managing bodily and physical skills through water activities, to sustaining physical and mental fitness. The program will focus on provision of a safe, stable and friendly surrounding. We will offer purpose-specific activities as well (meal preparation, making smaller objects, etc.), cultural and relaxing activities, as well as dog-therapy.

At the same time, we would like to provide long-distance protection through telecommunication technologies (24 hours a day, all year long). By doing this, we would like to encourage the elderly to lead as independent and healthy life as possible at their homes.

We will give attention to our users’ relatives, informing them about our work organization and enabling their meetings with users. After the pilot-activity is done, our professional staff will write a report about the pilot-project stating the advantages as well as their proposals for possible improvement of the long-term care system.